SCIOS Journal

SCIOS Journal

Over time, the SCIOS Journal has moved from print to digital. Two issues have been made available as non-members samples.

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SCIOS Volume 59 September 2020

SCIOS December Edition 58 2019

SCIOS December Edition 50 2014




Where does the name SCIOS come from?

Scios is from the Greek word scionoso meaning “to know”

The History:

SCIOS Vol. 1 No. 2

November 1965

Editor’s Comment

(P. McMillan, Guildford Grammar School)

‘The title of SCIOS was chosen for you by the Secretary;” (Mr. C.M.R. Gray, Christ Church Grammar School) “he found out that the name Newsletter was not acceptable to the authorities so, with quick thinking and initiative, he came up with a most appropriate name. If you don’t know what it means look it up in a dictionary. It’s all Greek to me.”


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31st July  31st August  (SCIOS)
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