Catalist is an email list for WA Science Educators. Catalist is provided and administered by the Science Teachers’ Association of Western Australia, STAWA.

One email address will allow communication with all members of the list. Send emails to

Catalist exists to provide a means of rapid communication and professional interaction between Science Educators in W.A. It serves as a means of communication from STAWA to Science Educators.

STAWA encourages the use of Catalist as a discussion medium of benefit to Science Teachers.

Using Catalist

To post a message to all the list members, send an email to


Subscribing to Catalist

Subscribe to Catalist by following the link below, then filling in the email address that you would like catalist emails to be delivered to.

Catalist subscription link – Click here

You will be sent email requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you.

This is a hidden list, which means that the list of members is available only to the list administrator.


Catalist : Conditions of Use

Catalist is an email list for Science Educators provided and administered by STAWA and requires users to adhere to the following conditions of use.

  • Please do not post attachments to Catalist.
    • Users of Catalist are requested to avoid excessive use of bandwidth.
    • STAWA would prefer the user posted a link to a website where the file could be downloaded by interested people or invite interested parties to contact the user directly.
  • Please do not advertise for personal gain. When in doubt, ask before posting.
  • Unless explicitly attributed, the opinions expressed in Catalist postings do not necessarily represent the official position or the opinions of the Science Teachers’ Association of Western Australia.
  • Please take care, in posting to this list, you may be found to be “speaking in public”.
  • STAWA would prefer that those who post to the list identify themselves.
  • Send your postings to:
  • STAWA encourages the use of Catalist for the benefit of its members and Science Education.
  • STAWA encourages users of Catalist to become members of STAWA.
  • STAWA discourages the use of Catalist by persons or groups for personal or financial gain
  • Where a person is unsure whether their posting is suitable for Catalist or whether it may be classified as “advertising” they should first seek the approval of the Catalist “listowner” which is the Chairperson of STAWA “Electronic Communications Committee”. Currently, this person is Mark Lehmann. Mark can be contacted on
  • Upon the recommendation of the listowner, the Council of STAWA may act to remove a user from Catalist, if unsuitable postings continue following issuing of a warning.

Administration/Management of Catalist

Catalist is managed by the Electronic Communications Committee on behalf of the STAWA Council. Such management is the responsibility of the Chair of the Electronic Communications Committee (currently Mark Lehmann) and the STAWA Chief Executive Officer (John Clarke).