Physics Day

Physics Day @ Adventure World

Physics Day@ Adventure World 2020 is on!

2020: Thursday 24 September 9:30 am - 2:30 pm

If COVID-19 restrictions stop the event, full refunds will be provided. 2020 Physics Day Flyer

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About Physics Day

Physics Day@ Adventure World is a great day for students and teachers alike, with activities, worksheets, displays and plenty of water!

The day is open to Year 10, 11 and 12 students studying Physics and by request Year 9 students. The day is action packed. You have access to the full park and all open rides, with information and demonstration booths supported by WA Universities, Scitech, Cider House Tech and others. 

In 2019, over 1, 100 students and teachers attended the Physics Day.

Why take your students to Physics Day @ Adventure World?

Adventure World is a “real world” STEM laboratory comprising large scale apparatus that enables students to experience and witness first-hand phenomena involving physics, technology, engineering design and mathematics that are not able to be achieved in any classroom. Some specific areas of study that can be achieved involve linear and circular motion, momentum, work, energy, power,  “g” forces and weightlessness. These phenomena are much better understood when discussed in class after this visit as research shows that the relationship a student has to actual experiences makes diagrammatic explanations more meaningful and theory better understood. Adventure World provides the ideal vehicles for students to learn physics principles through an understanding of its “real” world applications.

By their observation of and on the rides and the collection and analysis of the real data they obtain from these, students will gain an irreplaceable experiential knowledge of most of the topics in the motion component of the physics courses in Years 10, 11 and 12. It is anticipated that their experiences from this day will help them better relate classroom theory to real-world practice.

Ticket Prices

Order early and save money! Ticket Costs includes a bonus free day pass during the October school holidays
Ticket prices exclude GST

Early Bird Tickets (prior to 1/09/20) – $40.00 each + GST (Includes a Return Visit Pass)
Last Minute Tickets (from 2/09/20 – $48.00 each + GST (Includes a Return Visit Pass)

One teacher per 10 students will be admitted for free!

Bonus: Adventure World Return Visit Passes will be issued to all STAWA ticket holders on the day – valid for the school holiday period.

Excursion Support Documents:

Adventure World / STAWA Physics Day Armband Form

On the day Cider House Tech will have a limited number of vests and Wireless Acceleration Altimeters for loan. To reserve your data logging equipment visit:

Adventure World Map

2020 Physics Day Flyer

Insurances: STAWA Certificate-of-Currency-20-21         Adventure World Certificate-of-Currency-2020/21

This link is currently not working. We are checking if this document is still valid and available through Adventure World. Adventure World Excursion Management Plan 


Student Workbooks:

In addition to the 3 Year linked booklets you can down load investigations that use accelerometers for specific rides. Simply choose the ride and or questions from the sheets that best suit your students. If you create new or modified sheets or questions please send us a copy so that they can be included for future students. Remember the STAWA worksheets have been produced by volunteer - thank you Doug Bail and Geoff Lewis.

Using Accelerometers  Kraken  Black Widow  Goliath  Speed Slides  Abys  GradPrix Year 10   GrandPrix Year 11&12

Year 10 Activity Book     Year 11 Activity Workbook       Year 12 Activity Book

Please download and distribute to your students prior to arriving at the park – copies are not available on the day.

Solutions will be emailed to the teacher named on the booking form.

A generic Sparklab that has instructions, details and graphs for students to record data with their own phones or tablets is also available 

for download direct to their devices, here:

Year 10 Activity Book     Year 11 Activity Workbook       Year 12 Activity Book

Solutions will be emailed to teachers registered for Physics Day  

A big thank you to our 2019 exhibitors and supporters

Curtin University Physics Department including ICRAR, Murdoch University, Scitech and Cider House Tech. Previous year exhibitors have included: ECU, UWA International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR), School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). From STAWA and all those who attended, a big thank you to the Adventure World staff.