For Students

STAWA aims to develop and disseminate exemplary science learning and teaching resources and to ensure recognition of quality students of science. To this end we will publish opportunities deamed suitable to support these goals.

UWA Year 12 Physics Extension Program

This is a Free Extension Program for high achieving Year 12 students currently preparing for ATAR physics exams.

The program aims to challenge and expand the particiapnts learning capacity, while developing essential physics problem-solving skills especially in the core areas of the WA Year 12 Physics Syllabus. Students will also be exposed to cutting-edge research activities in the Physics Department of UWA. 

In 2020, UWA are offering 10 weekly tutorial sessions via zoom:

Each session will start with a 15-min topic review, followed by an one-hour guided problem solving tutorial.

  • Gravity and motion  (3 sessions)
  • Electromagnetism  (3 sessions)
  • Quantum theory and the standard model  (2 sessions)
  • Special relativity  (2 sessions)

After a short break, the session will continue with a 20-min presentation about research at UWA, followed by Q & A on any aspect of university study and research.

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This program will be offered at no cost to between 30 and 50 selected students.

How To Apply

Download and complete the application form and provide solutions to the five physics problems.

Email the completed application form and solutions to the five problems directly to by May 18th, 2020. 

Selection will be based on the quality of your problem solutions, Year 11 school report (and predicted ATAR scores, if available), reason/s you wish to participate and the school you attend.  Please note that some places will be reserved for students from regional schools and schools located in lower socioeconomic communities.