Constitution and Strategic Plan


Please find the Current STAWA Constitution (Revised 2020) here.

STEM Position Statement

STAWA has adopted the Office of the Chief Scientist position on STEM Education, namely that “STEM, or science, technology, engineering and mathematics, refers collectively to a broad field of distinct and complementary approaches to knowledge. Each has a critical role to play in its own right, but also enables discovery and progress in other fields’’  

STAWA believes that STEM Education should involve an integrated approach.  Whilst it is composed of distinct areas of study, STEM should be treated in an integrated manner as this is where it is at is most effective.  STAWA recognises science is a fundamental aspect of STEM and thus STAWA’s key focus will remain the promotion of science teaching in WA as we believe this to be of importance and in line with the key skills and experience of STAWA and its members.

STAWA values high professional standards and is committed to the professional learning, recognition and resourcing of teachers of science.  We understand the importance of STEM education because future jobs will require skills in problem solving, innovation, creative thinking and digital literacy.  STAWA acknowledges the increasing importance and influence of STEM across Australia and looks forward to contributing to the growth of this area.  

Strategic Plan 2021 - 2025

Mission Statement:

Leadership in science education: promoting and sustaining, quality science teaching and learning.